A Sisters Wrath

The Nyrna Dyr has been Slain.

Her sister Mara wants revenge

Weary the adventurers sailed back from Kivik shocked that they had survived a legend and mourning the loss of Knarr Colbjorsson af Larsfolk

Brunnmigi’s boat then became assaulted by strange weather that led them to a very strange place.

Dragged there by the enraged Nyrna Mara who wanted her sister avenged.

The adventurers all saw themselves as they truly were. All flaws exposed. All secrets laid bare to the world.

Hakon was revealed as Gunvald.
Lukas Dahl showed he was broken on the inside but that he was slowly pulling himself together.
Lockharts dagger assumed its original form of a Numan Gladius and offered him power if he forsake the Sidhe.

Stranger still Brunnmigi was revealed to be a white fox that can talk.

Mara’s attacks were fierce striking the very spirits of the Adventurers.
Brunnmigi caused a distraction using the stolen skin of The Great White Bear allowing the Adventurers to deal the final blow killing there second Nyrna.

A Sisters Wrath

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