Gift of the Nyrna

The Nyrna Liggja was giving stones as gifts to mortals. Empowering the weak and disenfranchised of Kirk.
In return they worshipped her as a God.

These weaker stones were enough to make everyone who held them stronger and allow Liggja to control them.

Kirstin Hedegaard found one of her recruiters after they took in some of her children. Refusing to endanger anyone else by sending them to Sodermanvarman she went by herself to try and rescue the children.

As a precaution she left a note for the Adventurers.

Once they made there presence known Liggja took control of her new followers and attempted to avenge her sisters.
This led to her demise and all those who had been unknowingly enslaved were freed.

Gift of the Nyrna

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