Mother of Monsters

Bens Postma has discovered the weakness of the Nyrna. The Nyrna who the Grumfather and his hunters killed were slain by weapons made from mistletoe. The adventurers guild lack the Grumfathers ability to make spears of mistletoe as strong as steel but Tala Jónsdóttir has made oil from the plants which should be able to harm the nightmare of the Vestenmannavnjar.

Viktor Lorentz has been tracking reports of the Gervalp since the Althing. Sightings of them across the islands have vanished almost completely with the exception of the isle of Eskjö they have been witnessed climbing mount Kivik and have stayed away from the Vesten fishermen and farmers and the Vendel on holiday.

Both Viktor and Bens believe that the Nyrna Dyr is on Kivik and this may be the best chance at taking the fight to the Nyrna.

The Nyrna Dyr unleashed the great wolf Ger. The Adventurers however were up to the task of taking down the legend.

Once Ger was put down the Nyrna Dyr arrived unhappy at how weak Ger’s imprisonment had made it.
She was killed quickly by the beleaguered adventurers. She never suspected her sisters one weakness had been discovered.

Mother of Monsters

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