The Living runes sacrificed their power and The Great Wyrm fell from the sky and crashed into mountain Hjalmarr.

The Adventurers Guild rushed to fight the beast in its weakened state and found the Great White Wyrm ready to fight them.

They fought with everything the had used every ounce of strength, took advantage of every trick they knew and forced the Wyrm to retreat.

It would run
It would hide
it would recover

and the cycle would begin again.

Gunvald refused to let this happen and leapt onto the retreating Wyrm slashing away as the beast tried desperately to throw him off. His efforts were enough to slow the it down. A few more tricks from Lockhart, a well placed shot from Lukas and a mighty kick from Kofi had the great nightmare of the Vestenmannavnjar on the verge of death.

Gunvald delivered the final blow knowing it would be his end. He sacrificed his life knowing he would gain no reward.
He died a Hero but his spirit went to Hel for his villainous acts and so the Vendel and the Vestenmannavnjar were free from the nightmare of the Wyrm forever.


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