Recruiting a Master

Aware of the dangers of actual monsters Typ Kopman asked the adventurers to recruit a Gelingen master named Viktor Lorentz to help the guild with such threats.

Viktor had in principal already accepted as he believes the guild to be a good way to spend his retirement. He however had unfinished business in Eisen.

The Siren Eater – A large wurm like beast that feeds upon the siren of Posen’s swamps.

Viktor has spent his life hunting this beast and came close to killing it and close to being killed.
This hunt has consumed him and he is wise enough to realise it.

Viktor knows how to lure it out what he needed was a way to kill it. Typ provided the final items needed to fight the beast. Now he has to hunt down the one that got away.

With the adventurers fighting by his side the legendary monster was finally slain, completing his life’s work and giving him no reason to remain in Eisen.

Recruiting a Master

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