Recruiting the Jarls

Uniting all the Jarls behind one banner is a difficult task.
Uniting them alongside the Vendel League is perhaps impossible

Jarl Magnus Brynjulffrsson af Larsfolk has offered sanctuary to all Vestenmannavnjar on Eskjö.
He can keep them safe for a while but he cant unite them all under his banner.
He’s not the High King.

Thanks to Jarl Alvhilde Saukkosdottir af Skadesfolks release Magnus agreed to meet with the guild.

After a heartfelt and emotional appeal by Lukas and Kofi’s ability to make new friends the Jarls began to be swayed.

Gunvald and Lockhart then arrived with The High King

The Vestenmannavnjar are now ready to fight The Great Wyrm

Recruiting the Jarls

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