Recruiting the League

Many within the League have had enough and pushed for War with their cousins.

The arrival of the Wyrm and the warning of Krieg were seen by many as a desperate last attempt at preserving the past by powerful Skjæren.

A vote was needed but a large enough majority for war could not be reached this gave the Adventurers Guild time to sway the important players.

Joseph Volker will vote for peace with Vesten & War with the Wyrm thanks to the death of The Verschlingen
Lorraine Weller will vote with the Adventurers Guild thank to the destruction of Procurer’s Guild

Allen Trel and George Skard’s lives had both been saved by the adventurers but Trel had lost too many men and Skard desperately wanted peace but trusted Trel when it came to matters of war.
Red was pushing for war then became more cautious after speaking to Velstand.

Val Mokk wanted peace but ultimately would vote the League.
Sela Cole desperately peace with the Vesten but needed proof the Jarls weren’t behind the Wyrm.
While Joris Brak and Eladio Ballesteros pushed for war.

Then the High King joined the Adventurers Guild and pleaded for peace with the Vendel League.

After that Volker, Weller, Skard, Red, Cole, Mokk agreed to vote for peace. After hearing the High Kings plan called for Trel to command the combined might of the Vendel and Vesten navy his vote was swayed.

Ballesteros abstained claiming this was a war for the Vendel

Joris Brak was missing from the vote and has not been seen since.

The Vendel League has agreed for peace with the Vestenmannavnjar and declared war on the Wyrm.

Recruiting the League

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