Jens Bergen is an unscrupulous merchant who is trafficking young women. He is storing them in his warehouse till his ships are ready to ship them to brothels across in Avalon and Montaigne that are not sanctioned by the Jenny’s Guild

Our hero’s know nothing of the slave ring and have been tasked with retrieving property marked with a bears paw. this is the brand the bear of breslau uses on his whores.

The hero’s are unknowingly being tested for membership in the Adventurers Guild.

Recruitment speech

I apologise for the deception. This was in truth a test of character as much at it was a test of skill.

I have a proposition for you if you are willing to here me out?

Kirk has been good to me I have made a lot money without sacrificing my morality. Something is painfully rare.

I am however not blind to the sickness within the Vendel league, the rich pursue more wealth at any cost and become cruel while the people suffer.

I tried to use my money to alleviate the suffering in Kirk through charity. Sadly the truth is at best I was maintaining a problem.

I decided it was time for a solution. I would find like minded men and women and form a guild dedicated to protecting those most at risk on our society.

Together at the very least we can stop men like you faced tonight and help save those they prey on. At best we may be able to save the soul of the Vendel.


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