The Rebel Assassin

Before Typ was ready to start the Adventurers guild he passed a lot of his information to the city watch anonymously and had varying levels of success.

Asger Gaidarsson is a Vesten terrorist who uses what ever method necessary to get as high a body count as possible. Typ let the guard know about a tailors Asger planned to bomb. The guard focussed more on catching Asger instead of evacuating the area and in the end failed to do both.

Since almost being captured Asger went into hiding and has become more careful.
Typ has gotten information again though much more vague than last time.

Asger plans to assassinate a leader of a guild at the next League party. The actual target is not known but every leader of every guild will be there. Asger has also changed his appearance reports are vague but his beard is gone and he has apparently Vendelised his appearance. How he got an invitation is unknown.

The Adventurers guild managed to save the life of Allen Trel unfortunately the bullet meant for Trel wounded Anders Noval costing him his right eye.

The Rebel Assassin

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