The Will of Sodermanvarman

Kirstin Hedegaard received word that two of her children were in danger in Sodermanvarman.

She didn’t know how only that the need was urgent.

Typ Kopman had recently hired some mercenaries on retainer with a view to potentially recruiting them for the guild.
He asked the Adventurers to go to Sodermanvarman with the mercenaries and assess them while saving Kirstin’s children from whatever had placed them in danger.

Kirstin had sent 2 scouts to Sodermanvarman as she does every month to make sure that no-one was disturbing the graves of those who died there. When they arrived they found a young woman who was holding a glowing stone and as they approached her she became entranced by it.

From ground the spirits of Sodermanvarman rose. Taking the form of burned corpses they attacked the young scouts. One blessed by glamour was able to escape and call for help. He hid in the burnt remnants of one of the houses until help arrived.

When the adventurers arrived they saw the risen dead and wasted no time in attacking them in a desperate attempt to find the missing children. Upon hearing the battle the scout left his hiding place and joined the melee seeing this as his only hope of escape.

Throughout the fighting it quickly became clear that the dead being put down were quickly getting back up and became stronger as time past. With information from the scout and a better view of the battlefield they saw the young possessed bard in the centre of the crowd and fought their way to her.

Once the risen Skjæren guarding the bard had been dealt with the young scout revealed himself to be a glamour mage and deactivated the power of the stone temporarily freeing the bard from her trance and allowing the dead of Sodermanvarman peace once more.

Then one of the Eisen mercenaries picked up the stone becoming entranced himself forcing the dead to rise again. After a brief fight the young glamour mage used the last of his power to free the mercenary.

Thinking he could prevent further possession Lukas stood upon the stone to prevent anyone else picking it up. The dead rose once more and the glamour mage lacked the power to put the spirits to rest once more. A concussive blow to the back of the entranced adventurers head put an end to the threat at last.
Hakon then swung his axe with all his might and destroyed the stone and whatever power lay within.

The Will of Sodermanvarman

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