Tundra Beast

Tundra Beast

When Krieg the Inhuman began his attacks along the coasts with his army of worshippers, he quickly found that he enjoyed causing fear and suffering as much as death and destruction. He heard tales of a fierce creature that lived far to the north, a being so horrible that it defied description.

Intrigued, he and ten men set sail to find and capture it. After weeks of searching, Krieg came upon a trail of carnage and gore. Something had shredded a herd of caribou, and did so with obvious enjoyment. Krieg was impressed and followed the bloody path to a frozen lair, where he was immediately besieged by a rabid force of nature, the embodiment of winter’s howling fury.

The Tundra Beast killed Krieg’s men one by one, ripping them apart and torturing out their lives’ light. Then it went for their leader. Krieg was immune to the beast’s power and laughed out loud when it attacked. He pulled his blade and carved his rune deep into the fiend’s flesh, making it his helpless thrall. When he returned to Vestenmannavnjar, the Tundra Beast became a central part of his raiding strategy.

When Villskap finally killed Krieg, the Tundra Beast fled back into the wilds. It lacked the capacity to miss its former master, but it did feel an incompleteness that was not there before. Occasionally it would sense something of Krieg and investigate, only to find a Skjæren calling upon Krieg’s rune. Without its master to control it, it would slaughter the luckless sorcerer and anyone else in the vicinity.

The Tundra Beast is still searching for Krieg, massacring any Skjæren who attracts its attention. These days, only repeated use of Krieg’s rune comes to its notice, but what constitutes repeated use to the Tundra Beast is anyone’s guess.

“A beast as old as the legends of this land, only a fool would try to make their name on it” – Viktor Lorentz

Tundra Beast

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